Anger can be good if it’s an energy that motivates you towards action

I believe I am coming to the final part of ‘The Great Transition’ you’ve been watching me go through over the last 2 years. How do I know? Because for the first time in a long time, I’ve started getting angry.

At first it was out of control and intense, repressed and provoked like a shaken wasp in a coke bottle. Then gradually, (with a little help from several professionals, self-development books and internal coaching) it’s manifested itself into something beautifully powerful.

Anger showed me where I needed boundaries, something that was never a strong suit for me. And anger showed me how to set them, reminding me that “I’m not intimidating, you’re intimidated” (if other people got upset by my boundaries, then that was on them, not me).

Anger has shown me how to tell people they’ve gone too far, and that sometimes, that’s exactly what’s needed to make things right. Sometimes, anger (done tastefully) is a really helpful learning moment for someone who needs it. Who would’ve known?

As an emotion I’ve often questioned and been afraid of, recognising the ways it can bring about positive change has been quite profound.

How has anger helped you?

LYL xoxoxo

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