Everything we do or don’t do is based on a need

Is it okay if I don’t know how to love myself today?

Or if loving myself looks like not getting out of bed?

It it okay if I’m tired of trying to analyse which muscle I need to “breathe into to relax”?

And I just sit here curled up like a conker until I’m ready to unfurl instead?

How about if I haven’t exercised this week.

Does that mean I don’t care about myself?

Or is it all relative.
Situation dependent.

Can I call “lazy” loving myself today? Because that’s what feels right. Even if it means I’m not trying “hard enough”.

Everything we do or don’t do is based on a NEED. Respecting the sanctity of being human involves respecting our needs. Even (and especially) when, they don’t look like everybody else’s.

And sometimes? You have to stop trying to do it the way you’re supposed to, and do it the way your body is telling you to. ❤️

LYL xoxoxo

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