I’ve come to see the importance of involving difficult people om my life.

I’ve come to see the importance of involving difficult people in my life. Difficult people aren’t there to make me feel good 24/7, or agree with everything I say.

Instead, they may often shed light on the truth of situations that people who only feel love for you may not want to say, or perhaps don’t even see.

I am learning to see the importance of truth over agreement. Of (some) discomfort as the path to peace. And also as a helpful way of taking criticism on board rationally.

I have often perceived criticism as a crippling weapon used by those who want nothing good for me. And then I observed the way I used criticism towards others (more often in my head than not, I am not a very confrontational person lol), and my perspective began to shift.

eg. “I think they should be getting more sleep!”

Why? Because I know from my own studying how bad 5 hours sleep every night is for someone.

Therefore…I want them to live a better quality life.

Not all criticism and sharp words come from a place of love, that’s undeniable. Many come from jealousy and insecurity – as I spoke about in my recent post about the selfishness concept.

BUT. Approaching criticism and difficult people rationally means that you get to choose what feedback you take on board, without letting it mean more than it needs to mean.

Make sense?

What criticism or difficult feedback have you received that you’ve taken on board?

LYL xoxoxo

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