My body asked me to stop

Like a red light at a junction ⁣
My body asked me to stop.⁣

Fixated on those lights,⁣
I didn’t turn on the music to keep my mind busy.⁣
I didn’t find something to fiddle with⁣
Or gum to chew.⁣

I became hypnotised with the colour.⁣
Glaring at me.⁣
Angry at first.⁣
Then soft, warm.⁣

I turned my bathroom into a steam room,⁣
Only focused on each laboured breath. ⁣
Because being present was all that mattered.⁣

At the beginning, my monkey mind reminded me that This Is What Happens When You Overwork. ⁣

And then it forgot about that. About everything. And I was just “being”. ⁣

The week before, I’d told you all “I wish I didn’t overthink”.⁣

And the universe had answered. ⁣

In my bodies sickness my mind found it’s detox. ⁣

And I am still again.⁣

LYL xoxoxo⁣

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