No one owes you airtime

When you give someone a gift, a present, you don’t do it because you want something in return. You do it because you care about them.

It’s the same for airtime (and a big learning curve for me this week).

I noticed that I would often be supporting someone, listening in, honouring their airtime to vent and share and heal – and in my head I would be saying ‘it must be my turn soon, I’ve been listening for ages!’.

No one owes you airtime. And friendships shouldn’t be based around expecting that from someone all the time.

(Obviously there are exceptions here when a friendship is very one sided, but I’ll let you use common sense with that one).

It is an HONOUR to be trusted enough to hold space for someone’s thoughts and feelings. How special an experience that is.

If we can only become more present in those moments and recognise that listening to others comes from a place of love, not transaction, the feeling of expectation will dissipate.

I am learning every day to choose growth, surrender and harsh truths over ignorance. I hope I will forever be honest with you about that.

LYL xoxoxo

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