Now offering tailored healing coaching and bodywork sessions, past life regression and astrology birth chart readings.

Coming in April: Chair yoga anytime, anywhere – all from your phone!

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Healing Coaching

Feeling lost, stuck, or lacking hope?

Healing coaching with Rebecca encompasses a huge variety of holistic techniques from her training in NLP, Holistic Life Coaching, Counselling, Astrology, Hypnosis, Yoga and Mindfulness to help you find a home within yourself.

Sessions are completely tailored to you and your needs, whether that’s a ‘crisis call’ to regulate an overstimulated nervous system, or as a long term client covering my six module Focus Forward healing approach.

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Past Life Regression

Ever wanted to know about your past lives? Have a connection to a certain place, era, or person that doesn’t make sense? Or perhaps you’re seeking deeper answers about yourself through the previous lives you have led?

In person sessions now available in Warwickshire and the North Cotswolds.

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Astrology Birth Chart Reading

Discover clarity about your personality, behaviour traits, personal history, career, relationships and more with an astrology birth chart reading. If you’re feeling lost, or want to give someone a gift of a lifetime, you’re in the right place.

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