Astrology Birth Chart Reading

a person marking an astrology chart

Discover clarity about your personality, behaviour traits, personal history, career, relationships and more with an astrology birth chart reading.

Rebecca will explore your planets, house system, aspects and more in this life-changing opportunity.

Find out significant travel locations, things you should be looking for in a romantic partner, and even a connection to your life’s purpose.

If you’re feeling lost, or want to give someone a gift of a lifetime, you’re in the right place.


So, how does it work?

Rebecca will use her diploma in astrology and years of experience to analyse and explore your chart. She will send you a 25-30 minute voice recording via email once she has studied your chart!

What might I find out?

Rebecca specialises in exploring the 12 part ‘house system’ in depth. These cover: The Ego, Money, Communication, Family, Pleasure, Work and Health, Love, Death and Rebirth, Spirituality, Career, Friendship and Community and Karmic Lessons.

What type of astrology is this?

Western astrology using the Placidus houses system.

How long do I get to keep the recording?


What information do you need to read the chart?
  1. Your date of birth (eg. 1st September 1990)
  2. Place of Birth (eg. Kensington, London, UK)
  3. TIME of birth – as exact and close to the minute as possible. Without this I cannot ensure the accuracy of your chart (eg. 5:17am)
  4. Optional – name. (Some people have charts for pets or businesses too!).
What if I don’t know my time of birth?

Although they aren’t as accurate, I can read charts without a specific time. Please select 12pm on the booking form. Alternatively, if you know if it was morning select 6am, or evening – 6pm.

How much does it cost?

A one off fee of £30 for a recording you can access for life!

How to book

Please fill in the booking form here.

I look forward to reading your chart!