Setting boundaries with technology

Most evenings, my phone is activated to go into “downtime” at around 8 “o” clock, sometimes later if I’m needing a little extra dopamine.

It’s funny how I react when I see that little notification pop up: “Screen time will be limited until 7:00 tomorrow”. It really pisses me off at first. Like a kid being pulled from a PlayStation. And then, just as quickly, my soul breathes a huge sigh of relief.

No more emails. No more questions. No more being needed to fix things or sort things or BE a thing. I’m just, empty shell -no technology but a camera, a light, and emergency calls- Rebecca.

The silence is palpable. And beautiful. And soft and kind and freeing. All the things they’ve said to me, or could say to me, are totally irrelevant now. No one can get me here. (If you’ve seen my vlogs, you’ll also see I stopped answer the door to my house too, literally no one can get me here).

All the worries of the day that involve other people are gone. Just for a little while. Just for enough time to allow me to recharge and reenergise and remember why I DO value communication, and how many opportunities it HAS brought me.

I’m grateful for these boundaries I’ve set with tech. What do yours look like?

LYL xoxoxo

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