Sit With It

“Sit with it”
A voice said as I hurled my trolley round the supermarket, searching for answers in amongst the frozen peas and various different ways of “potato”.

“Sit with it”
It spoke, as I sped along country lanes for hours, music blasting on full, hoping to drown the feelings out.

“Sit with it”
It ached, as I left yet another psychics table with more questions than answers about how my aura would save me.

“Sit. With. It.”
It said. So I sat. Cross legged on the living room floor. Breathing deep. With no answers. No cure. No meaning. No grand plan that would make me feel in control again. Just feelings. All the feelings.

It was safe to feel the feelings.

It was going to be okay. Even though right now, my nervous system was convincing me it was the End Of The World. It wasn’t. The only way out was through, and it didn’t have to be traumatic if I allowed myself to Sit With It.

Ps. It all gets a bit less intense once your body realises that feelings are purely messengers, and that we get to choose how we respond to them. You’re doing great, I promise.

LYL xoxoxo

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