“To love and let go, it’s the single most important thing in this lifetime”

Every so often, a quote will come along that changes the essence of my being.

This is one of them.

Do you remember when you were young, and you fell in love with someone who didn’t love you back for the first time? And people would say ‘If you love them, let them go’. Eventually, for most of us, we let them go. And in their space, new love is allowed in. New crushes. New dates. New opportunities. Maybe you met your soul mate… because of that letting go.

Now apply that to life.

(And I’m a Cancer Moon, if anyone’s grabbing onto stuff that feels good, it’s me).

Here’s what happens if you let go of the good stuff, the good memories, the good ‘versions of you’ (hint hint wink wink, you know what I’m talking about here right? #2020rebecca ).

You let brand new opportunities in. New joy. New light. New love. New life. New memories. New moments. With no expectations of how they’re supposed to be or what they’re supposed to feel like.

Surrendering to this experiencing, and embracing the way joy shows up in different ways, gah, it’s pretty miraculous really.

If you can trust that life will yet again bring you some joy, some love and light, peace and happiness, in whatever way IT sees fit – then it will come back to you.

Don’t you see that as you open your arms wide to let it all go, you’re creating space to bring even more back in?

It is the trust that does it. The never ending unquestionable faith that precedes it. It takes courage, but boy does it feel good to let things go.

Even the good things.

LYL xoxoxo

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