We are each others teachers

I’ve come full circle recently – back to the place I was meant to be leaving, and the people I’d already said goodbye to.

But it seems I have lessons yet to be learnt, that I wasn’t ready for six months ago.

Sometimes these are painful, uncomfortable and infuriating lessons. But I’ve noticed this time round how differently I’m approaching them.

I’m *trying* to distance myself from assumptions. For automatically deciding that their problem is me. That I am the one being attacked.

Instead, I encourage myself not to react straight away, but to step back and observe. To be curious, not critical.

“Why might they be saying this?”
“What else do they have going on right now that could be influencing this outburst?”
“Are there elements of what they’re saying that are truthful?”
“Can I allow my nervous system some time to regulate before I respond to this?”
“What can this interaction teach me?”

We are each others teachers. (Doesn’t mean we always like each other for it though… 😉)

LYL xoxoxo

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