We can work at our own pace and still be successful

“Work smarter not harder” has been my motto for the 5 years or so that I’ve had my own business (of SOME form – day 1’s will remember).

I’ve felt such an intense pressure to work longer hours and have an office job and become a corporate giant. Sometimes I feel like a failure because I’m not that.

But working at a slower pace has given me time and energy to focus on my mental health, healing, learning. To become BETTER at my work. More creative and connected to my ideas.

Working 9-5’s broke me. I felt restricted, suffocated, like I had lost my identity. I need to be constantly creating and expressing ideas and building things and growing.

I have learnt that I can only do that if I go at MY pace.

It’s uncomfortable. It scares me. But it’s what’s right for me and what gives me MY success (whatever that looks like at the time). And that’s the important thing.

LYL xoxoxo

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