Why would I have chosen to put this here?

I believe in past lives. (I am now offering past life regression sessions in the midlands, and soon ONLINE! Sign up to my newsletter to be the first to know 👀). I also believe that at the end of our last life, we are tasked to choose the events that happen to us in this life to insure we “wake up” to our purpose, and learning.

So every time something “bad” happens in this life, I ask myself : “Okay, why would I have chosen to put this here? What would Rebecca want me to have woken up to from this happening?” ⁣

To those of you who know me, you will know that “Life changing traumas” is my middle name, I’m quite familiar with it 🤣. To those of you who reallllyyyy know me, you will know that this is exactly what I would do to make myself discover my purpose 🙄😆. #daredevil

So I task you with this- why would you have chosen for a particular traumatic event to happen in your life? Why would you have put yourself through so much pain? What were you trying to remind yourself by doing that?⁣

I know it’s controversial. But it can also be extremely healing and freeing. You have your back. You always have your back. ⁣

LYL xoxoxo⁣

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